Development is go, sign up here you monkeys!

I've made the repository for the new code project for Yerf live. The project is called SCAA as a kind of a nod towards the original Squeeky Clean Furry Archive, and Dingo has very graciously agreed to host the project's site for us on his server. Thanks, Dingo!

You can find the introductory docs and the project tracker at, and the Subversion repository is rooted at (protected).

Access to the Subversion repository is controlled by password, so if you want access to it, mail me and I'll send you the access details. Sorry for the rough edges here.

Opening up the development process

Because we should. It's just me right now, and that's not healthy. The Yerf development machine already hosts the code repository, but only svn+ssh people can get into it. And there's not many of those. Considering going setting up HTTPS and WebDAV on a development vhost, and using Trac to, well, track changes in a publicly visible way.

We'd need a password manager tool for the developers too; that's the missing piece. I guess we could tie authentication into mod_auth_mysql and just use the yerf database for svn auth, though. Any thoughts?
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